It’s a no, so what to do next?

October 22, 2017

Rejection. It’s tough isn’t? It’s something we all have to deal with throughout our lives; whether it’s rejection in a team at school, not getting that dream job or not being able to do something you really wanted to do.

As I 30+ something woman I have had to deal with rejection quite a lot, but as I venture into the new world of blogging and vlogging I am having to deal with rejection more and more. I’m sure no one really wants to talk about rejection, there might be a little thought at the back of their mind that thinks people will think less favourably on them but I’m going to talk about it today as I am starting to frame it in a more positive way, for me.

When I think about the last few months of my blogging journey I have been rejected A LOT. Brands don’t reply to my e-mails, PR’s don’t respond, brands don’t think I’m the right fit, I didn’t get nominated for a newbie blogging award.

At the time, these rejections were tough, I would question what I was doing. Had I made the right choice to resign from my job? Was I good enough to compete in this world? BUT thinking back after every rejection, sub-conciously I upped my game and I learnt.

I re-designed my blog, updated my logos and my brand look and feel, I wrote more, the Mama You Can series started and I had lots of positive conversations with brands.

Rejection forced me to look at why I wasn’t getting jobs. Other than the obvious, being new to the game, it forced me to take a step back and think; What are others doing well? What could I do well? What areas could I own? What do I love to write about?

I do wonder, if I hadn’t have had the rejection I had would I have done these things? Would I have been pushed to really think about my brand and what I wanted to get from it, maybe, but possibly not.

It’s very easy in life to slip into a routine when everything is going well, but when someone says no it does make you think, why?

It’s what we do with that why that is so important, some, me included in the past have then been nervous to try things, for fear of rejection –  but if you never try, you’ll never know and you may miss opportunities.

I am now starting to get more work and thinking back the ones I didn’t get probably weren’t right for me, so maybe those rejections were a good thing.

The future

I have set myself some goals, some broader goals for what I want to achieve and (this might sound ridiculous) but some rejection goals, because if you don’t put yourself out there how will you ever know?

I have also decided to start my own business (more on that one soon), rejection and lack of money forced me to think about my skill set and what I could and really want to be doing and I am really exited about what is coming next for me!

Rejection has forced me to plan, be more organised and put myself out there, ridiculously for more rejection. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know, right?

Sarah x

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